Sand Plants with dewatering screens

Neptune Process Sand Plant

  • Slurry and Water Pumps
  • Cyclones and Separators
  • Density Separators
  • Attrition Scrubbers
  • Dewatering Screens
  • Fine and Coarse Material Washers
  • Log Washers
  • Bucket Wheels
  • Thickeners
  • Presses - Plate and Frame or Belt Style

Cyclones, Hydrocyclones, or Separators

Neptune Process Cyclone

Cyclones are at the heart of many Neptune Process systems. Primarily used for desliming and dewatering, Neptune Process supplies cyclones with the following advantages:

  • 1" thick rubber wear liners, much thicker than most other suppliers
  • Liners are "drop in" style which makes them field replaceable
  • Varying geometries to achieve the desired cut size
  • Rubber lined manifolds when multiple cyclones are required

Typical Applications

  • Size separations of 140 mesh and finer
  • Dewatering material prior to other equipment or processes
  • Desliming
  • Fines Recovery

Dewatering Screens



Neptune Process Dewatering Screens, with their low speed and high stroke, provide the driest possible product in a stockpile. With capacities up to 300 tph, these machines vary in size up to 7' wide. Dewatering screens are used to dewater screw discharge or they can be used in conjunction with cyclones to replace screw washers. The cyclone dewatering screen combination is also used for fines recovery systems. Advantages include:

  • Product moistures as low as 12% depending on product size gradation
  • Reduces water loss to stokepiles
  • Product is available for shipping much sooner
  • Small foot print
  • Low operating and maintenance cost

Neptune Process Dewatering Screen

Density Separators or Hydraulic Classifiers

Neptune Process Density Separator Hydrosizer

Neptune Process Density Separators are a type of rising current classifier. The combination of rising current fluidized bed density allow this unit to make sharp size separations between the sizes of 30 mesh down to 100 mesh, size separations that are very difficult and expensive to do by screening.

Density separators are commonly used in silica sand, frac sand, feldspar, and other industrial sand applications. They are also used to separate materials of differing specific gravities such as lignite and sand.

Neptune Process offers many different size and style units (round or square) and will provide the proper unit based on your application.

Neptune Process Density Separator hydrosizer

Slurry Pumps



Neptune Process designs and supplies collection sumps, slurry hose, and any other item to complete a slurry pumping system. Slurry pumps are an integral part of most wet process systems. Neptune Process provides proven, reliable slurry pumps within its systems. 

Slurry pumps are matched to the application and are provided with rubber or metal components, complete drive packages with motors, belts, sheaves, and guarding. Most seal arrangements are expeller style but hydrostatic or mechanical seals are also available. Neptune Process performs all total dynamic head calculations required for proper pump selection and recommends pipe sizes to maintain required pipe line velocities. 





Neptune Process Thickeners or water clarifiers have almost become a necessity in the sand and aggregate industries as many sites do not have the space for slurry ponds or have limited water available. Thickener systems allow sites immediate reuse of water and drastically reduce the volume slurry ponds are required to handle.

Neptune Process Thickeners are custom sized based on the waste slurry volume and include these features:

  • Robust gear drive, hydraulic or electric
  • Rake lifts
  • "Low drag" rake arms to help prevent donuts
  • PLC control system

Neptune Process will supply Polymer mixing and dosing systems and underflow mud pumping systems with our thickener to complete the systems. 

Neptune Process Thickener
Neptune Process Thickener